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M –Tools is an international business venture that provides products and services in machine tool technology. Established in January 2008 as a small family owned and run workshop, M-Tools has, through acquisitions of the very best contemporary CNC machinery (as well as the significant proportion of technical support associated with it) from the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan, since then evolved into the first-rate, internationally renowned business – business which You, the Customer, Can Trust Unreservedly

Customer Care and Satisfaction, along with on-going investment in people and new assets, are at the core of our approach. In this very competitive marketplace we strive to deliver the very best quality of products and services at the most competitive price possible, thus giving to our customers the Outstanding Value for their Money

We very carefully evaluate the needs and special requirements of our clients and aspire to invariably fulfill those needs and requirements elegantly and timely. Our happy and loyal customers come from all corners of the globe and include such names as Japanese giant “Nissan”, Russian enterprises “AvtoVAZ” (better known under their trade name “Lada”) and “GAZ”, German “VW (Volkswagen) Group” – to mention but a few.

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